Adélaïde Labille-Guiard (1749-1803)

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Labille-Guiard painting, Self-Portrait with Two Students

Self-Portrait with Two Students

Adélaïde Labille-Guiard was an 18th century French portrait painter. She studied oil painting under Francois-Andre Vincent and pastels at the Académie de St.-Luc in Paris with Maurice Quentin de La Tour. Labille-Guiard lived in the Louvre during the French Revolution and painted portraits of a dozen members of the National Convention.

Labille-Guiard painting, Robespierre


Labille-Guiard painting, Portrait of Madame de Selve

Portrait of Madame de Selve

Labille-Guiard painting, Pajou


She painted many portraits of notable people at the time, including other artists. She was married to artist Francois-Andre Vincent.

Labille-Guiard painting, Francois-Andre Vincent

Francois-Andre Vincent

Today, Labille-Guiard’s paintings are housed in collections all over the world, and perhaps in your own home. Still wondering about an 18th century French painting in your family estate? Contact us…it could be by Adélaïde Labille-Guiard.