Paul Guigou (1834-1871)

The Washerwoman, 1860

Paul Guigou was a landscape painter, born in Vaucluse in southern France to a wealthy provincial family. In 1850, his family moved to Marseille where Guigou was able to study under Emile Loubon for four years. Although he showed promise as a painter from a very young age, he originally worked as a clerk, and wasn’t able to devote himself entirely to painting until 1862.

Paysage Provencal

Guigou eventually moved to Paris in 1862 where he became friends with a number of leaders in the Impressionist group such as Monet, Bazille and Sisley. He was generally influenced by the Barbizon painters, and used the “plein air” method of painting his landscapes outdoors instead of in the studio.

Les Collines d’Allauch , 1862

Sadly, his career was cut short when he died only nine years into his painting career. Because he had little time to become an established artist, Guigou’s paintings went virtually unnoticed at the salons until after he had died.


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