Henry Inman (1801-1846)

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Inman,The Children of Henry Living

The Children of Henry Livingston

Inman, Portrait of Henry Clay

Portrait of Henry Clay

Inman, Portrait of Artist's Father

Portrait of Artist’s Father

Inman, Portrait of Leffert

Portrait of Leffert

Inman was an American landscape, portrait and genre painter. Inman was born in Utica, New York in 1801. Inman began his career as an apprentice in New York City for John Wesley Jarvis, for whom he worked for seven years. Inman remained in New York City, establishing himself as a talented portrait-painter. In 1822 Inman ran a painting studio along with Thomas Geir Cummings. Inman was responsible for portraits while Cummings painted miniatures.

Inman, Blue King

Blue King

Inman, Sequoyah


Inman painted such figures as Henry Rutgers, Fitz-Greene Halleck and even Martin Van Buren. Inman also painted numerous portraits of Native Americans, which are mainly housed in the White House.

Inman, Martin Van Buren, 1837

Martin Van Buren, 1837

Inman became active in the New York City art scene. Along with other New York artists, he co-founded the National Academy of Design, serving as the first vice-president around 1825.

Inman, Portrait of a Lady

Portrait of a Lady

In 1831 Inman began a partnership with engraver and lithographer, Cephas G. Childs. Childs made many of reproductions of Inman’s portraits and helped to spread his popularity. Inman eventually decided to concentrate on oil-painting rather than prints. Inman mainly worked in New York and Philadelphia until 1844 when he departed for England. Inman painted many English celebrities including Wordsworth, the Earl of Cottenham and John Chambers.

Inman, Portrait of a Teacher

Portrait of a Teacher

Inman’s life-like portraits are currently in collections and museums across the United States and England. Inman’s historical paintings define an era of American history. Do you think you own a painting by Henry Inman? Contact us. We are the experts on Henry Inman.