Angelika Kauffmann (1741-1807)

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Kauffmann painting, Self-Portrait


Angelika Kauffmann was an 18th century Rococo and Neoclassical painter who was born in Switzerland . She was the daughter of painter Johann Josef Kauffmann who has been called a far inferior painter than his daughter by art historians. As a young girl, she quickly learned a number of languages and became a talented musician. However, her true talent lay in painting, and by the age of 12, she became an artist of note, and even had noblemen and bishops sitting for her.

Kauffmann painting, Juliane von Krudener and her Son

Juliane von Krudener and her Son

Kauffmann often painted mythological or allegorical scenes, as well as creating designs for interior decoration.

Kauffmann painting, Miranda and Ferdinand in The Tempest

Miranda and Ferdinand in The Tempest

Kauffmann painting, Venus Convinces Helen to Go with Paris

Venus Convinces Helen to Go with Paris

Kauffmann painting, Mythological Scene

Mythological Scene

She spent much of her life in England and was one of the original members of the Royal Academy of Art. As a result, many of her paintings are housed in collections in Britain . She moved to Rome in 1781 after marrying the decorative painter Antonio Zucchi, and died there in 1807.

Kauffmann painting, Maria Carolina and Her Family

Maria Carolina and Her Family

Today, Kauffmann’s paintings do not remain as well known by the general public as they were in her lifetime, but are still quite valuable nonetheless. Still wondering about an 18th century painting in your family collection? Contact us…it could be by Angelika Kauffmann.