Ivan Khrustky Иван Фомич Хруцкий (1810-1885)

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Self-Portrait 1883

Self-Portrait 1883

Ivan Khrutsky was a Russian-Polish painter known for his still life paintings and portraits. He was born Ivan Fomich Khrutsky into a family descended from Polish gentry in the village of Ulka, Vitebsk Gubernia (currently Belarus). In 1827, Khrutsky came to St. Petersburg and in 1830 entered the Imperial Academy of Arts.

Still Life, Flowers and Fruit 1839

Still Life, Flowers and Fruit 1839

His first known works are dated 1832. The paintings gradually gathered public and critical acclaim. Khrutsky also worked as an interior designer, and became a popular amongst the wealthy home owners. In 1836, Khrutsky was awarded the Major Silver medal of the Academy for his still-lifes. Khrutsky also executed nice genre pictures and portraits. Old Woman Knitting a Sock, brought him the Minor Gold medal of the Academy. In 1839 he was awarded the title of the Academician.

Family Portrait 1854

Family Portrait 1854

After his father’s death in 1840 Khrutsky left St. Petersburg forever and settled in the family estate Zakharevichi, Polotsk region. This period was one of commisioned religious art, mostly from Lithuania. Besides religious paintings he also worked on portraits, such as I.I. Glazunov’s, Joseph Semashko’s, Mikolay Malynovsky’s and others. He died in 1885.

Girl with Fruit 1850's

Girl with Fruit 1850’s

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