Johann Christian Klengel (1751-1824)

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Klengel painting, Landscape with Goats, Cows and Statue

Landscape with Goats, Cows and Statue

Klengel painting, Grazing Under Threatening Skies

Grazing Under Threatening Skies

Klengel painting, The Vintners Cottage

The Vintners Cottage

Klengel painting, Landscape


Johann Christian Klengel was an 18th century German painter known for his traditional and idyllic landscapes.

Klengel painting, Castle Ruins

Castle Ruins

His work influenced fellow artists such as Friedrich and Dahl and he was a member of the Berliner Akademie. Though he did not produce any known portraits in his lifetime, Klengel also created sketches and genre scenes.

Klengel painting, Sketch of Cattle

Sketch of Cattle

Klengel painting, Sketch of Peasant Girls

Sketch of Peasant Girls

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