Wilhelm von Kobell (1766-1853)

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Kobell painting, Self-Portrait


Kobell painting, Hunter and Lord at the River

Hunter and Lord at the River

Wilhelm von Kobell was a German painter. He was taught to paint by his father Ferdinand and his uncle Franz, both painters, and attended drawing classes in Mannheim . Through his father, von Kobell learned the ways of the 17th century Dutch masters and became a prominent landscape painter.

Kobell painting, The Siege of Cosell

The Siege of Cosell

Von Kobell often collaborated with his father in painting landscapes in the Aschaffenburg cycle. He also traveled often to Munich , England and Italy , and painted landscapes during his travels, as well as portraits. Toward the end of his career, he was commissioned by the King of Bavaria as well as Prince Ludwig I to paint landscapes and historical scenes, and also taught at the academy in Munich.

Kobell painting, Landscape with Figures

Landscape with Figures

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