Christen Kobke (1810-1848)

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Kobke painting, Portrait of Frederik Sodring

Portrait of Frederik Sodring

Christen Kobke was a 19th century Danish painter. He was the son of a baker and entered the art school in Copenhagen in 1821 at the age of eleven. He studied there until 1831 and began to paint from nature in the Realist style. Kobke eventually became known for his paintings of Danish landmarks and historical buildings as well as of portraits of friends, family and fellow artists.

Kobke painting, Frederiksburg


Kobke traveled to Dresden and then to Italy where he painted a number of landscapes. These landscapes were met with little favor upon his return to Denmark , and though he was talented, found few commissions and little attention during his lifetime.

Kobke painting, Forum, Pompeii

Forum, Pompeii

Today, art scholars praise Kobke’s work as a landscape painter, and his compositions are housed worldwide. Still wondering about a 19th century Danish or Italian landscape in your family collection? Contact us…it could be by Christen Kobke.