Ivan Nikolaevich Kramskoi (Иван Николаевич Крамской) (1837-1887)

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Kramskoi, Christ in the Wilderness

Christ in the Wilderness

Kramskoi, Unknown Woman, 1883

Unknown Woman, 1883

Ivan Kramskoi was a Russian painter and a leader of the Russian democratic art movement “Peredvizhniki”. Kramskoi studied at the St. Petersburg Academy of Arts from 1857 to 1863. Kramskoi acted out against the Academy’s rigid, prohibitive structure and helped to organized an independent show in protest of the Academy. Kramskoi led the “St. Petersburg Artel of Artists” as well as he Peredvizhiniki group (also known as the Wanderers or Itinerants).

Kramskoi, The Prayer for Moses Before the Israelites Passed Through the Red Sea, 1861

The Prayer for Moses Before the Israelites Passed Through the Red Sea, 1861

Kramskoi upheld the beliefs of the Peredvizhniki group, which was based on political and social responsibility. The group was incredibly successful and exhibited forty-eight times in Russia and the surrounding region.

Kramskoi, Whilst Reading: Sofia Kramskoi

Whilst Reading: Sofia Kramskoi

Kramskoi, Self-Portrait


Kramskoi, Portrait of the Tsar Aleksandrovich

Portrait of the Tsar Aleksandrovich

In 1869 the Academy awarded Kramskoi with an honorary degree for his contributions to the Russian arts. Kramskoi’s popularity and reputation continued to spread for his impressive skill at portraiture and history paintings.

Empress Maria Fyodorovna

Empress Maria Fyodorovna

Portrait of Ivan Shishkin

Portrait of Ivan Shishkin

Kramskoi supported the Russian revolutionary democrats, and promoted civic responsibility in art communities as well as a moral consciousness. Stylistically, Kramskoi practiced and professed realistic painting, using traditional techniques. As an artist and intellectual, Kramskoi painted the portraits of prominent Russian figures, including Leo Tolstoy, Ivan Shishkin, Pavel Tretyakov, Mikhail Saltykov-Shchedrin and Botkin.

Kramskoi, Portrait of a girl

Portrait of a girl

Kramskoi, Woman with a Parasol

Woman with a Parasol

Many of Kramskoi’s paintings belong to Russia’s Tretyakov Gallery, as well as in numerous collections around the world. Kramskoi is an important name in 19th century Russian history, contributing to both art and social movements. Do you think you own a painting by Ivan Kramskoi? Contact us. We are the experts on Ivan Kramskoi.