Albert Henry Krehbiel (1873-1945)

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Krehbiel, Loading a Freighter

Loading a Freighter

Krehbiel, Circling the Wagons

Circling the Wagons

Albert Henry Krehbiel was an American impressionist painter born in Denmark, Iowa. Krehbiel showed artistic talent from an early age and decided to study at the Art Institute of Chicago. Krehbiel was a strong student and was awarded a scholarship to continue his studies in France. In 1903, Krehbiel enrolled at the leading, Académie Julian in Paris. Krehbiel studied under Jean-Paul Laurens, who was known as a history and mural painter. Krehbiel’s reputation continued to soar in Paris, as he continuously won awards for his excellence in painting. Krehbiel’s awards included multiple gold medals from the Académie Julian and the Prix de Rome. Two of Krehbiel’s paintings were exhibited in the Paris Salon.

Krehbiel, Traffic at the Link Bridge, Michigan Avenue

Traffic at the Link Bridge, Michigan Avenue

Krehbiel, Evening Rush Hour in the Chicago Loop

Evening Rush Hour in the Chicago Loop

Krehbiel, Looking South Across the Michigan Avenue Bridge

Looking South Across the Michigan Avenue Bridge

Krehbiel, Dusk Over Chicago El Station

Dusk Over Chicago El Station

Krehbiel, Misty Down River

Misty Down River 1924, 36″ x 44″, oil on canvas

Krehbiel, Lady and her Bowl of Nasturtiums

Lady and her Bowl of Nasturtiums

Krehbiel, Wonders of the Woods at Winter's End, 1929

Wonders of the Woods at Winter’s End, 1929

Krehbiel, Drying Nets, Santa Monica, California, 1918

Drying Nets, Santa Monica, California, 1918

Krehbiel, Untitled, figure composition

Untitled, figure composition

Krehbiel returned to Chicago around 1906, where he began to receive commissions to paint public murals. Krehbiel designed and pained murals for the Chicago Juvenile Court and the Supreme and Appellate Court Rooms of the Illinois Supreme Court Building.

Krehbiel, Purple Mountains

Purple Mountains

Krehbiel, Native Indian

Native Indian

While Krehbiel was based out of Chicago, his work became known across the United States as he travelled to art colonies in California and New Mexico. Krehbiel was associated with both the Santa Fe Art Colony and the Taos Society of Artists in New Mexico. Krehbiel’s network of artists included George Bellows, Victor Higgins, Stuart Davis and John French Sloan.

While Krehbiel enjoyed the colorful and expansive landscape of the southwest, he was dedicated to supporting the Chicago art community. Krehbiel was an instructor at the Art Institute of Chicago for nearly forty years. Krehbiel taught the fundamentals of painting and urged his students to paint outside in the plein-air, impressionist tradition. Krehbiel brought many of his students from Chicago to Saugatuck (Ox-bow), Michigan to paint the Kalamazoo River.

Krehbiel, Santa Fe Horseman

Santa Fe Horseman

Krehbiel, And the Band Played On

And the Band Played On

Krehbiel was a prolific painter of landscapes and cityscapes, portraying numerous locations in the United States. Krehbiel never limited himself to one particular type of landscape, but painted rural, urban and maritime scenes. Krehbiel was constantly exhibiting in Chicago and Michigan, and well as in travelling shows throughout the country.

Krehbiel’s paintings are now in major museums, libraries and private collections across the country. Many of his paintings of the Midwest are owned by the Art Institute of Chicago. Do you think you own a painting by Albert Henry Krehbiel? Contact us. We are the experts on Albert Henry Krehbiel.


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