Fortunato Lacámera (1887-1951)

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Fortunato Lacámera
Fortunato Lacámera
Fortunato Lacámera, Marina con banderita
Navy with flag, 1940

Fortunato Lacámera was born in Buenos Aires on October 5, 1887. He worked at the Southern Railway as an apprentice telegraph operator, a job he resigned in 1912 to take evening lessons with Alfredo Lazzari at the Unión de la Boca Society. Thus begins his artistic training, while working as a painter of fat brush and interior decorator.

Mural cerámico de 4,80 x 5,00 m en Av. Mendoza 2841, La Boca
Ceramic mural of 4.80 x 5.00 m at Av. P. de Mendoza 2841, La Boca

Since 1919 he has attended the National Salon and, later on, it will also be presented in provincial and municipal salons. In 1922 he made his first solo exhibition at the Chandler Gallery, and later also at the Amigos del Arte Association (1930); in the Salón Salón (1932), in the Moody Gallery (1937), in the Art Rooms of the Municipal Bank (1940), in the Gente de Arte de Avellaneda Association (1942), in Impulso (1943) and in the Galería Antú (1950).

Naturaleza muerta, 1948
Still life, 1948

In 1926 he participated in the beginnings of the Ateneo Popular de La Boca. In 1929 he obtained the “Stimulus Society of Fine Arts” Prize, in 1936 the Watercolorists Award of the National Direction of Fine Arts and two years later, the Stimulus Prize of the National Salon. In 1939, he entered as a teacher at the Technical School of Trades No. 4.

“Vuelta de Rocha”, oil on canvas, 83 x 110 cm, 1937

In 1940 he founded the Impulso People and Arts Association, where he was president until 1951, the year of his death. The artists Vicente Vento, José Luis Menghi, José Desiderio Rosso accompany him in this company and he has the early support of Miguel Carlos Victorica. The group begins its activities with a large group exhibition in which Quinquela Martín, Victorica, Diomede and Lacámera himself present their works. There they exhibited, among other artists, Pettoruti, Centurión, Butler, Forner, Castagnino, Spilimbergo and Lucio Fontana.

Sobras en la ventana, óleo sobre madera, 41,5 x 26 cm, 1925, Museo Nacional de Bellas Artes
“Study with inkwell”, oil on canvas, 50 x 70 cm

The artist dies on February 26, 1951.

His works make up the heritage of the National Museum of Fine Arts; the Museum of Fine Arts of La Boca “Benito Quinquela Martín”; the Municipal Museum of Plastic Arts “Eduardo Sívori” and the municipal museums of Tandil, Junín, Mar del Plata, Bahía Blanca and Rosario, in addition to the “Pedro de Mendoza” Museum in Santa Fe and the Military High School “Gral. San Martín”, Buenos Aires province.

“Esquina boquense”, oil on cardboard, 60 x 47 cm

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