Ernest Lawson (1873-1939)

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Lawson, The Lock, New Hope, Pennsylvania

The Lock, New Hope, Pennsylvania

Lawson, Old Grand Central

Old Grand Central

Ernest Lawson was a Canadian-American painter born in Halifax, Nova Scotia. While Lawson lived in many cities across North America, he is most known for his association with The Eight, an innovative group of New York City based painters. The Eight was led by Robert Henri and included: Everett Shinn, John French Sloan, Arthur B. Davies, Maurice Prendergast, George Luks and William J. Glackens.

Lawson, The Flatiron Building

The Flatiron Building

Lawson showed talent and creativity from an early age. In 1891, Lawson left his Canadian home to join the thriving art scene in New York City. Lawson enrolled in classes at the Art Students League, an institution where numerous artists started their career. Lawson also spent time in Cos Cob, Connecticut, where he studied Impressionist techniques under J. Alden Weir and John Twachtman.

Lawson, Coral Gables

Coral Gables

Lawson greatly identified with the Impressionist style and decided to study in the France, where Impressionism originated. In Paris Lawson worked alongside the painter Alfred Sisley and Somerset Maugham, a writer from England.

Lawson, Early Spring

Early Spring

Lawson eventually returned to New York City, where started working with the future members of The Eight. In New York, Lawson lived on the Hudson River, north of the city. Lawson painted landscapes and cityscapes year-round, capturing the winter snows and early spring growth. The influence of Twachtman’s instruction remained apparent in Lawson’s work.

Lawson, Harlem River

Harlem River

Lawson, Spring Night on the Harlem River

Spring Night on the Harlem River

Lawson, Upper New York City

Upper New York City

Lawson, Scene across the river, 1910

Scene across the river, 1910

Lawson, The Bathers

The Bathers

Lawson, Winter


Lawson, Harlem Valley, Winter

Harlem Valley, Winter

Lawson, Autumn, Norfolk Meadows Connecticut

Autumn, Norfolk Meadows Connecticut

Lawson, Segovia


Lawson, Boys Bathing

Boys Bathing

Lawson showed frequently in New York City and often participated in exhibits with the other members of The Eight. Lawson is possibly one of the less-known members and seldom organized group events. Despite Lawson’s more subtle reputation, Lawson is now remembered for his great contribution to American Impressionism. Lawson’s work is now in major museums and private collections across the United States. Do you think you own a painting by Ernest Lawson? Contact us. We are the Ernest Lawson experts.