Agustin Lazo (1896-1971)

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Lazo, El Examen

El Examen

Lazo, Fusiliamiento


Lazo, Fusiliamiento Interrumpido

Fusiliamiento Interrumpido

Augustin Lazo was a painter and designer born in Mexico City in 1896. Lazo studied at the Open Air School of Painting, started by Alfredo Ramos Martinez.

Lazo, Robo el Banco

Robo el Banco

Lazo also attended the Escuela Nacional de Bellas Artes along with leading Mexican artists, including Rufino Tamayo, Julio Castellanos and Fernandez Ledesma.

Lazo, En la Escuela

En la Escuel

Lazo lived in Europe for a long stretch of time, where he learned about avant-garde movements. Lazo met many Surrealist artist and writers who greatly impacted his style as an artist. Lazo is considered to be partly responsible for initiating the Surrealist movement in Mexico. Lazo produced a large body of etchings and ink drawings in addition to painting. Lazo was fascinated by the work of artist, Giorgio de Chirico.

Lazo, Niños con Jaula

Niños con Jaula

Lazo, Joven con Rebozo

Joven con Rebozo

Lazo became involved with theatre, designing sets directed by Celestino Gorostiza, and writing a few dramas. Lazo was greatly involved in the art scene in Mexico, contributing his creativity and artistic discoveries. Agustin Lazo’s paintings can be found in collections all over the world. Do you think you own an Agustin Lazo painting? Contact us. We are the Agustin Lazo experts.