Gabriel Fernández Ledesma (1900-1983)

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Ledesma, First Communion, 1925

First Communion, 1925

Ledesma, The Black Gloves, 1940

The Black Gloves, 1940

Gabriel Fernández Ledesma was an important painter, printmaker, draftsman graphic designer and professor in twentieth-century Mexico. Fernández Ledesma was born in Aguascalientes, Mexico in 1900. Fernández Ledesma developed an interest in art and traditional ceramics of his region at an early age. At only fifteen years of age, Fernández Ledesma founded a group of independent artists. Shortly after, Fernández Ledesma moved to the Mexico City to study painting formally at the School of Fine Arts.

Ledesma, Industrial Landscape, 1929

Industrial Landscape, 1929

In 1921 Fernández Ledesma and fellow artist Roberto Montenegro, were given the opportunity to design Mexico’s pavilion at the International Exposition in Rio de Janeiro. Fernández Ledesma quickly established a strong reputation as an artist and designer in Mexico City. Fernández Ledesma exhibited frequently, displaying vibrant landscapes, still life paintings and portraits. Fernández Ledesma later represented Mexico in an exhibit in Paris entitled, “Mexican Art Life and Politics”.

Ledesma, Still Life with Boat, 1938

Still Life with Boat, 1938

In 1925 Fernández Ledesma became a professor central School of Fine Arts. Together with Díaz de León, Fernández Ledesma oversaw expositions of the Ministery of Education from 1931-1932.

In 1926 Fernández Ledesma directed and edited the periodical Forma, dedicated to contemporary fine art. Fernández Ledesma received a grant from the Guggenheim to work on his book “Life in the Death”. In addition to his prolific work as a fine artist, Fernández Ledesma designed suits and worked as an art director for theatrical productions.

Ledesma, Portrait of a Young Girl, 1930

Portrait of a Young Girl, 1930

Fernández Ledesma was awarded a medal named for “José Guadalupe Posada” recognizing his great work as an artist, writer and teacher. Fernández Ledesma held major exhibitions athe the Palace of Fine Arts in 1981 to 1982, and in the vestibule of the Procuraduría General de la República.

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