Anicet Charles Gabriel Lemonnier (1743-1824)

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Lemonnier painting, In the Salon of Madame Geoffrin

In the Salon of Madame Geoffrin

Anicet Lemonnier was an 18th century French painter. Lemoinner studied under Vien and won the Prix de Rome in 1772. He became an Academician in 1789, and was also an administrator at the Gobelins Factory from 1810-1816.

Lemonnier painting, Vesuvius Erupting

Vesuvius Erupting

Lemonnier primarily painted mythological and historical subjects during his career, and exhibited his paintings at the Salon from 1785-1814.

Lemonnier painting, Apollo Attacking Niobe and her Children

Apollo Attacking Niobe and her Children

Today Lemonnier’s paintings are housed in collections all over the world, and perhaps in your own home. Still wondering about an 18th century French mythological painting in your family collection? Contact us…it could be by Anicet Lemonnier.