Guillaume Guillon Lethiere (1760-1832)

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Lethiere painting, Death of Cato of Utica 1795

Death of Cato of Utica 1795

Lethiere painting, Herminie chez les Bergers

Herminie chez les Bergers

Lethiere painting, Le Patrie en Danger 1799

Le Patrie en Danger 1799

Guillaume Guillon Lethiere was an 18th century painter, the son of a Frenchman and a freed slave from Guadeloupe . He is known in art history for his massive-sized history paintings, as well as being a painter of portraits. He was named the director of the French Academy in Rome and was also a professor at the Ecole des Beaux-Arts. He left behind a number of preparatory sketches for his large scale history paintings as well as many oil paintings, many of which are housed all over the world, including at the Louvre.

Lethiere painting, Study for Virginie

Study for Virginie

Lethiere painting, The Death of Virginie

The Death of Virginie

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