Pietro Liberi (1605- 1687)

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Pietro Liberi was an Italian painter of the Baroque era, active mainly in Venice and the Veneto. Liberi was born in Padua, his earliest training was with Alessandro Varotari (il Padovanino). He traveled extensively in Italy. During a voyage to Istanbul, he was captured into bondage for 8 months by pirates from Tunis. He was nicknamed il Libertino due to his frequent choice of salacious themes in cabinet pieces.


Mythological Scene

His masterpiece, is likely the alatarpiece of Sant’ Elena finding the Cross for the church of San Moisè in Venice. He was the first president of the Academy of Painters of Venice. He painted frescoes of the Battle of the Dardanelles for the Doge’s palace; the Slaughter of the Innocents for the church of the Ognissanti in Venice; Noah leaving the Ark in the cathedral at Vicenza; and the Deluge at Santa Maria Maggiore at Bergamo.


Antiquity Scene

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