Stephan Lochner (1400-1451)

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The Rest of the Flight into Egypt

Adoration of the Magi

Stephan Lochner was a German Gothic-era painter. Praised for his clean style of painting, Lochner was an inspiration for many German artists to come. Highly detailed and beautifully illuminated, Lochner is remembered today as one of Cologne’s greatest painters. Known for his religious and mystical paintings, Lochner’s work was a prime example of Gothic art.


Madonna of the Rose Bush

Little is known about his early life except that Lochner primarily painted in the Cologne region of Germany. Art historians consider his work to be the best representation of the school of Cologne. He was thought to have settled in Cologne around 1430, and created works for the church of St. Laurenz.


Presentation in the Temple 1447

Some art historians believe that he may have received his earliest training in the Netherlands, and probably from artist Robert Campin. It is assumed that he visited the Netherlands again in the 1430’s, due to the fact that his work resembles that of fellow artists Van Eyck. This northern influence is apparent in the carefully created details of the cloth in his paintings.


The Last Judgement 1435

In 1447, Lochner became a member of the town council of Cologne. During this time he continued to create religious themed pieces for churches in Cologne and surrounding towns, as well as illustrations for books in his workshop. Lochner also created triptychs and tomb decoration throughout his career.


Adoration of the Child 1445

Today, much of Lochner’s known work is housed in museums in Germany and in the churches and buildings for which they were created. Still wondering about a 15th century Gothic German painting in your family’s estate? Contact us…it could be by Stephan Lochner.


Saints Catherine, Hubert and Quirinus with a Donor 1435