Pietro Longhi (1702-1785)

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Longhi painting, Painter in his Studio

Painter in his Studio

Longhi painting, The Tooth Puller

The Tooth Puller

Pietro Longhi was an 18th century Italian painter. Longhi was the son of portrait painter Alessandro Longhi, but unlike his father, generally painted genre scenes in the Rococo style.

Longhi painting, Patrician Family

Patrician Family

Longhi made careful preparatory sketches before he painted his genre scenes. Unlike many other painters of the day, he did not have to seek out patrons, but instead he worked steadily for a number of wealthy noble families.

Longhi painting, The Concert

The Concert

Longhi’s paintings of real places and real people doing every day things in the Rococo style brought him great fame during his lifetime. Today he is still revered by art scholars for his unusual themes and innovative ideas for his time.

Longhi painting, The Ventian Lady's Morning

The Ventian Lady’s Morning

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