Tiburcio Lorenzo Sanchez (1912-1996)

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Casa de Campo

Of all of the painters in Cuba’s history, Tiburcio Lorenzo Sanchez is credited as the driving force which helped to bring fine art to western Cuba.

Born in Pinar del Rio, Lorenzo was able to move to Havana to study art at San Alejandro after winning a scholarship. There, he befriended fellow artists Victor Manuel and Fidelio Ponce, and studied under Romanach. He graduated in 1944, and shortly thereafter began a major movement in Cuban art.


Arbol Con Flores Rojas


Prior to Lorenzo, the former Spanish colony of Pinar del Rio was best known for their tobacco industry. Today, Pinar del Rio is a thriving cultural center, in part due to Lorenzo’s influence. It is said that Lorenzo, among others, fought to bring fine art to the region, and helped to create another cultural center outside of Havana. This cultural center began with the creation of the Provincial School of Art, and made it possible for students to receive professional training outside of Havana, which is almost 120 miles away from Pinar del Rio.

In 1946 after much hard work, Lorenzo was able to open the Provincial School of Fine Arts in Pinar del Rio. There he taught for more than 20 years and became a teacher and mentor to many generations of contemporary Cuban artists.

His own art is primarily landscapes of western Cuba. Lorenzo painted the lush vegetation of Pinar del Rio and was considered to be one of the great painters of the early Republic. His use of tropical colors and almost entirely Cuban training made his work fresh and original and is truly an example of real Cuban painting. Lorenzo also did a number of sculptures, though his true talent lies within his landscape paintings.

Lorenzo worked up until 1991 and died 5 years later in Cuba. Because he lived not long ago and worked during a progressive stage in Cuba, the possibility of owning one of his art pieces is endless. Though he was not ever documented as living or studying abroad, he was still producing art in a time before Cuba went through their many political changes. He was able to exhibit often in Cuba, and though was not able to share his work with the rest of the world in his lifetime he made an impact on the art world.

Today, much of his work is housed in Cuba, and has previously been exhibited in Tampa, FL and other areas abroad. During his lifetime he exhibited all over Cuba in most of the national galleries and gained much national distinction and acclaim. There is even a museum and salon today in Cuba which bears his name, the National Hall Tiburcio Lorenzo, UNEAC in Pinar del Rio, Cuba. Without Lorenzo’s hard work, Pinar del Rio may be little more than a tobacco farming town.

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