Phillip James de Loutherbourg (1740-1812)

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Loutherbourg painting, Defeat of the Spanish Armada

Defeat of the Spanish Armada

Phillip de Loutherbourg was an 18th century French-born English painter. His father was a miniaturist and he spent most of his life in London . Although Loutherbourg was intended to study to be a minister, it was his calling to become an artist.

Loutherbourg painting, The Destruction of Pharaoh's Army

The Destruction of Pharaoh’s Army

Loutherbourg was elected to the French Academy and mainly painted landscapes, battle scenes and stormy seas. He was later made a member of the Royal Academy.

Loutherbourg painting, Glorious First of June

Glorious First of June

Many of his paintings show his interest in the Industrial Revolution, and feature the firey blazes of iron foundries at night. Toward the end of his life, Loutherbourg focused more on his career as a faith healer, and painted considerably less.

Loutherbourg painting, Coalbrookdale by Night

Coalbrookdale by Night

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