Laurence Stephen Lowry (1887 – 1976)

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Lowry, Station Approach

Station Approach
1962 Oil on board 407 X 509 mm

Lowry, Fever Van

Fever Van
1935 Oil on Canvas
Walker Art Gallery, Liverpool

L.S. Lowry was an English artist, known for painting industrial landscapes in Northern England. Lowry was born in Stretford, Lancashire, but spent most of his life in Salford and Pendlebury.

Lowry, Landscape with Farm Buildings

Landscape with Farm Buildings
1954 Oil on canvas board 40.4 cm x 50.2 cm

As a child Lowry showed an interest in art and took private drawing classes. In 1905 Lowry began to study formally at Manchester Municipal College of Art. As a student, Lowery was tutored by Pierre Adolphe Valette, an accomplished French, Impressionist painter. Lowry excelled in his studies and continued to study at Salford School of Art from 1915 to 1925. It was in Salford that Lowry began painting industrial landscapes and developed his signature style of painting.

Lowry, Industrial Scene

Industrial Scene
1953 Oil on canvas board 34.7 cm x 24.6 cm.

Lowry, Machester City vs. Sheffield United

Machester City vs. Sheffield United
Oil on Canvas

After Lowry’s father died in 1932 his mother become gravely ill and unable to leave her bed. Lowry took on the responsibility of taking care of her, and only had time to paint late at night. At this time Lowry produced a series of dark, self-portraits, known as the “Horrible Heads”.

Lowry, Dwelling, Ordsall Lane, Salford

Dwelling, Ordsall Lane, Salford
1927 Oil on Wood 43.2 x 53.3 cm

In the early 1940s Lowry became a war artist after volunteering in the military service as a fire watchman. Lowry’s reputation spread through his wartime paintings, and in 1953 Lowry was an official artist during the coronation of Queen Elizabeth II. Lowry was also employed by the Pall Mall Property Company for many years, retiring in the early fifties to boost his reputation as a devoted artist.

Lowry, Canal and Factories

Canal and Factories
1955 Oil on Canvas 61 x 76.30 cm
National Gallery of Scotland

As Lowry grew older he started vacationing by the sea in Sunderland, where he would paint ports, beaches and coalmines. While Lowry never married he had several close friendships and relationships. In the late 1950s Lowry became more private about his personal life and discouraged visitors. Lowry was offered status as a Commander of the British Empire, Knighthood and appointment to the Order of the Companions of Honour. Lowry declined all three offers, setting a record for the highest number of honors declined.

Lowry, On the Promenade

On the Promenade
Oil on Canvas

Lowry is now remembered as an important figure in British art. His industrial landscapes and daily street scenes are a valuable addition to any private or museum art collection. Do you think you own a painting by L.S. Lowry? Contact us. We are the Lowry experts.