Manuel Rodriguez Lozano (1895-1971)

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Lozano, Portrait of Andres Henestrosa

Portrait of Andres Henestrosa

Lozano, Amor


Manuel Rodriguez Lozano was a Mexican artist who despite his artistic strength never received the acclaim of his contemporaries. Lozano is known for his sensual portraits of Mexican women, often incorporated with Christian references. Lozano’s models were commonly young with Indian ¨Mestizo¨ features. The portraits can be described as physical and erotic, showing nude couples. Lozano wanted to emphasize the beauty of native, Mexican women instead of the typical European model.

Lozano, Farewell, 1940

Farewell, 1940

Lozano spent a great deal of time in the avant-garde art circles of Europe, spending a lengthy stretch of eight years overseas. Lozano’s time abroad greatly impacted the style of his work and his attitude.

Lozano, La Ramera

La Ramera

Lozano returned to Mexico in the 1920s during the formation of the muralist movement. In 1940 Lozano became the director of the School of Fine art in Mexico, overseeing a period of political and artistic change. During this time Lozano painted La Pieda, a mural that can be seen at the Museo de Bellas Artes in Mexico City.

Lozano, Self portrait

Self portrait

In 1948 Lozano exhibited in the Orangerie Museum of Paris as well as in his home country. In opposition to the monopoly exercised by the Mexican muralists, Lozano distanced himself from official circles and exhibited in independent galleries in Mexico City.

Lozano, portrait


In 1968 Lozano exhibited a retrospective of his best work before his death a few years later. Lozano is an important Mexican artist who strayed from the mainstream masters of his time. Lozano’s work can be found in collections and museums internationally. Do you think you own a Manuel Rodriguez Lozano? Contact us. We are the Lozano experts.