John Marin (1870-1953)

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Marin, Morse Mountain, Small Point, Maine Series

Morse Mountain, Small Point, Maine Series

Marin, The Bathers, 1933

The Bathers, 1933

John Marin was an American painter of the modernist movement. Marin was born in Rutherford, New Jersey but spent much of his childhood in the town of Weehawken. Marin studied at Stevens Institute of Technology for a year before realizing his interest in fine art. In 1899 Marin enrolled at the Pennsylvania Academy of the Fine Arts in Philadelphia where he studied under Thomas Pollock Anshutz and William Merritt Chase.

Marin, River Movement, New York City 1925

River Movement, New York City 1925

Marin furthered his studies in Europe, where he remained for six years. Marin panted in travelled landscapes in France, Holland, Belgium, England and Italy. During his travels, Marin mostly painted with watercolors. His paintings were atmospheric and abstract, using the transparent and opaque qualities of his preferred medium.

Marin, Spring No. II

Spring No. II

Eventually Marin returned to the United States and settled in New York City. Marin was well received in New York and exhibited frequently. Marin had his first solo exhibition at the Alfred Stieglitz Gallery in 1909. The show was the beginning of a long working relationship with Stieglitz, who gave Marin financial and moral support.

Marin, Cape Split, 1940

Cape Split, 1940

Marin, Mid-Manhattan


Marin, Movement in Brown with Sun

Movement in Brown with Sun

Marin maintained a studio in New York City for several years, where he continued to paint and build a national reputation for his modernist landscapes. Marin’s work is now in American Art collections across the country. Major New York museums such as the Metropolitan Museum of Art, the Museum of Modern Art, Whitney Museum of Art and the Brooklyn Museum all boast paintings by Marin. Marin’s work can also be found in Chicago, Cleveland, Boston and Washington D.C museums.

Marin, Head of Cape, Cape Split Maine, 1942

Head of Cape, Cape Split Maine, 1942

Marin, Lower Manhattan

Lower Manhattan

Marin, NY Series

NY Series

Marin, Sea, Cape Split Maine

Sea, Cape Split Maine

Marin, Cathedral of Meaux, etching

Cathedral of Meaux, etching

Marin, Woolworth Building

Woolworth Building

Marin, Landscape, 1925

Landscape, 1925

Marin, Cape Split, 1935

Cape Split, 1935

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