Juan Espinoza de los Monteros

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Monteros, La Virgen Entrega el Rosario a Sto. Domingo

La Virgen Entrega el Rosario a Sto. Domingo

Monteros, Family Tree of the Fransiscan Order

La Orden de San Fransiscan

Painter during the 17th century, active in Cusco between 1638 and 1669. This painter reaffirms the baroque with a Zurbaran style by using the Flemish stamps as models. Some documents certificate that he painted for the San Juan de Dios order.

In 1655 he started his monumental “Epilogue” canvas (12 meters x 9 meters) on the San Francisco order, which represents more than 800 outstanding Franciscans. San Francisco de Asis and most important people of the order appear in full-length at the bottom of the picture. The scene is painted in the obscure shade of the Sevillian style.

His style was followed by his son and disciple José Espinoza de los Monteros, who also produced many series of canvas with saints. One of them, Santa Teresa (1682), in the middle of a flemish landscape with many little birds flying around, the same as his father did.

Some of his works are:

  • Family Tree of the Franciscan order Convento de San Francisco, Cusco.
  • Series on Santa Catalina’s life Monasterio de Santa Catalina, Cusco.
  • Latin Virgins Series (inspired by Swelinck engravings).
  • Portrait of Don Fulgencio Maldonado with Santa Catalina de Siena and San Francisco, Monasterio de la Recoleta, Arequipa.

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