George Morland (1763-1804)

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Morland painting, The Miseries of Idleness

The Miseries of Idleness

Morland painting, Blind Mans Bluff

Blind Mans Bluff

George Morland was an 18th century English painter. Morland mainly painted rustic scenes of peasants and country folk in interiors, playing games and living out their daily life. He exhibited first at the Royal Academy when he was only ten years old, and was an apprentice by the time he was fourteen.

Morland painting, The Comforts of Industry

The Comforts of Industry

Morland lived a fairly dramatic life, and was on the run from creditors, and even was paralyzed for a short time. Both of these personal disadvantages did not completely hinder Morland from creating a large oeuvre all the same. However, his risky lifestyle led to his death of a seizure from “brain fever.”

Morland painting, The Laborers Luncheon

The Laborers Luncheon

Morland was also known as a painter of animals, particularly painting them in their natural setting; the outdoors.

Morland painting, Setters and a Pointer

Setters and a Pointer

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