Pedro Núñez de Villavicencio (1644-1695)

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Nunez, Poor Boy with Dog

Poor Boy with Dog

Nunez, Boy Attacked by Dog

Boy Attacked by Dog

Pedro Núñez de Villavicencio was a Spanish painter born in Seville, who studied under Bartolomé Esteban Murillo, from whom he learned many techniques. Núñez was an important participant in the Academy of Painting and Drawing in Seville, which was primarily founded by Murillo.

Nunez, Boy Looking for Fleas on Dog

Boy Looking for Fleas on Dog

Núñez was not only an active painter but served the Sovereign Order of San Juan and spent many years living on the island of Malta. Núñez was eventually knighted for his courageous actions and dedication towards justice. Núñez made important artistic contacts in Malta by meeting Mattia Preti, an Italian Baroque artist. Preti studied under Caravaggio and was sometimes referred to as the Knight of Calabria. Through Preti, Núñez gained an Italian influence, which comes through in his paintings.

Nunez, Boys Playing Dice

Boys Playing Dice

Nunez, Archbishop of Seville

Archbishop of Seville

Nunez, Wine Vendor

Wine Vendor

Nunez, Shepherd Boy and Cow

Shepherd Boy and Cow

After finishing his service in Malta, Núñez returned to Seville, where he became an important figure in the Academy of Drawing and Painting.

Núñez is most known for his paintings of poor boys and dogs. He did not concentrate on nobles as much as everyday life and people. His paintings are important for showing what life was like in Seville. Because of Núñez’s notoriety he did receive some large commissions, including the task of painting King Carlos II. The painting of Carlos II now belongs to the Museo del Prado in Madrid.

While Núñez spend much of his adult life in Seville, he travelled to Madrid during the last years of his life. The work of Núñez is now in major Spanish and international collections.

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