Josefa de Óbidos (1630 – 1684)

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Óbidos, Nativity


Óbidos, Still-Life

Still life

Josefa de Óbidos was a Spanish-born painter, who became well-known in Portugal during the Baroque era. Óbidos was born in Seville, Spain to a Spanish mother and a father of Portuguese origin. Óbidos moved to Portugal with her family in 1634, where she spent much of her life and painting career. The family lived in Peniche until relocating to Coimbra in 1644. Óbidos’ father was a successful painter, who painted the main altar of Coimbra’s Convent of the Grace.

Óbidos, Religious painting

Religious painting

Obidos’s first surviving works are engravings, created in the 1640s. Though Obidos was only a teenager, her engravings show a great deal of talent for the arts. Obidos’s father, Baltazar, was a great influence on her work, exposing her art at an early age.

Óbidos, Nativity


Óbidos,Lactation of St. Bernard

Lactation of St. Bernard



Óbidos,Maria Magdalena

Maria Magdalena


Still life

Óbidos,St. Joseph

St. Joseph

Óbidos,Jesus, Savior of the World

Jesus, Savior of the World

Today, many of Obidos’s paintings are housed in Lisbon’s National Museum of Ancient Art. Obidos’s paintings are not only in Portugal, but have spread to collections worldwide.

Obidos died in the town of Óbidos, Portugal, where she was laid to rest at the Church of Saint Peter of Obidos. Josefa Obidos is one of the few well-known woman painters of the Baroque era.

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