Marco d’Oggiono (1470 – 1549)

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Archangel Triumphing Over Lucifer

Marco d’Oggiono was an Italian painter and a chief pupil of Leonardo da Vinci, whose works he repeatedly copied. He was born at Oggiono near Milan. Of the details of his life, we know almost nothing — not even the date of his important series of frescoes painted for the church of Santa Maria della Pace in Milan. Lanzi gives 1530 as the date of his death, but various writers in Milan say it took place in 1540; the best accepted date is 1549.

Head of the Virgin Sketch

He was a hard-working artist, but his paintings are wanting in vivacity of feeling and purity of drawing, while, in his composition, it has been said that “Intensity of color does duty for intensity of sentiment”. He copied Da Vinci’s Last Supper repeatedly, and one of his best copies is in the possession of the Royal Academy of Arts in England.

The Last Supper

His two most notable pictures — one in the Pinacoteca di Brera (representing St. Michael) and the other in the private gallery of the Bonomi family (representing the Madonna) — are signed Marcus. Other examples of his work can be seen in Berlin, Paris, St. Petersburg and Turin; the one in Russia being a clever copy of the Last Supper by Leonardo. He cannot be regarded as an important artist, or even a very good copyist, but in his pictures the sky and mountains and the distant landscapes are always worthy of consideration, and in these, we probably get the painter’s best original work.

The Holy Family with Saint Giovannino and An Angel

The Virgin and Child

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