Pippo Oriani (1909-1972)

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Oriani painting, Portrait of a Man

Portrait of a Man

Oriani painting, La Donna Della Fabbrica 1935

La Donna Della Fabbrica, 1935

Pippo Oriani was an Italian painter and a member of the Futurist Movement, but he also created Abstract and Expressionistic mixed media compositions as well in a style that is recognizably all his own.

Oriani painting, Aeropaesaggio 1935

Aeropaesaggio, 1935

One can note the change throughout the decades by simply looking at his still life. Note his prominent signature “ORIANI” in all capital letters on the bottom right hand corner of the 1929 still life.

Oriani painting, Objects in a Window

Objects in a Window

Oriani used a number of mediums to create his compositions, including gouache, collage and crayon.

Oriani painting, Il Mandolino

Il Mandolino

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