Mario Francisco Ormezzano (1915-1983)

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Mario Francisco Ormezzano was born in Mar del Plata, Argentina in 1915. Ormezzano took an interest in art at an early age, though little else is known about his childhood. His first known formal training took place at the Real Academia Albertina de Turim, where he attended a course in sculpture.

He supplemented this fine arts training with art history courses to further enrich his artistic development. Ormezzano studied classic architecture internationally in the years leading up to World War II and entered the Polytechnical School of Turin in 1936 in Italy though he was soon forced to return to South America due to the outbreak of the war.


Upon his return to South America, Ormezzano finished his formal architectural training at the Pontifical Catholic University in Santiago, Chile. Soon thereafter, between 1945-1950, Ormezzano designed and sculpted the relief on the Medicine Arch at the University of Conception (pictured below). This three-dimensional work sits above the main access to the University. According to El Sur, the relief symbolizes “intelligence, knowledge and creative thought.” As his crowning achievement, Ormezzano is best-known for this architectural piece.

In 1952, Ormezzano again began to travel, this time staying within the boundaries of the South American continent. He moved throughout Chile, Peru, Argentina, and Brazil studying various architectural styles and influences. Two years after embarking on his travels, Ormezzano settled in Brazil and acquired Brazillian citizenship. From his Brazillian home, Ormezzano continued to expand his artistic boundaries creating various pieces of small statuary out of terracotta, aluminum, and other materials. He also experimented with pastels and oils, some of which are pictured below. Ormezzano died in 1983.

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