Bert G. Phillips (1868-1956)

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Phillips, Portrait of an Indian Chief

Portrait of an Indian Chief

Phillips, The Rabbit Hunt

The Rabbit Hunt

Phillip’s first heard of Taos from his friend, Joseph H. Sharp, who travelled to Taos in 1883. Several years later, in 1898, Phillips and fellow painter, Ernest L. Blumenschein, planned a trip that would take them through Taos on their way to Mexico. After a wheel of their wagon broke, they stayed in Taos, setting up the beginning of what would soon become a thriving art colony.

Phillips, Wild Iris

Wild Iris

Phillips and Blumenschein promoted Taos to other artists, and successfully recruited many talented painters from the east coast. Forming the colony was Phillips passion and life work. He worked diligently to illustrate legendary cowboys and Native American culture, which he had previously only seen in children’s books.

Phillips, War Captain Rides

War Captain Rides

While Phillips is best known for his work in Taos, he was formally trained in highly esteemed institutions. Phillips grew up in Hudson, New York, but started training in New York City as a teenager. Phillips attended the Art Students League and the National Academy of Design. Phillips, like many artists oh his time, worked as a commercial illustrator to make a living. In the 1890s, Phillips travelled to Europe, painting in England and France. It was in Paris, that Phillips met Joseph Sharp, who inspired him to travel to Taos.

Phillips, Spring Time in Taos

Spring Time in Taos

Phillips, Taos Mountain

Taos Mountain

Phillips, Aspens


Phillips, In the Aspens

In the Aspens

Phillips, Moonlight Vigil

Moonlight Vigil

It was not until 1915, that the original six members formed the Taos Society of Artists. The founding members included: Phillips, Blumenschein, Couse, Sharp, Berninghaus, and Dunton. The Taos Society of Artists was immediately well received by public critics. The group’s first exhibition traveled to major American art capitals.

Phillips, In the Lake at Timberlane

In the Lake at Timberlane

Phillips remained in Taos until the end of his life in 1956. The paintings of Phillips are now in major American Art collections throughout the country. So you think you own a painting by Bert. G. Phillips. Contact us. We are the experts on Bert G. Phillips.