About authenticating a Picasso

Pablo Picasso: Discovering and Authenticating his Art

Pablo Picasso was the most prolific artist who ever lived. His entire oeuvre is gigantic and even sections of it are impressive, such as his enormous graphic work production or just the number of books he illustrated, some 156 of them. As if a huge quantity of paintings, drawings books would not be enough, he added sculptures and ceramics. Picasso never limited himself to oil and canvas, and was always looking for ways to work in as many different mediums and styles as he could.

Pablo Picasso, Self-portait, 1901

Self-portait, 1901

Pablo Picasso, Le Gourmet 1901

Le Gourmet, 1901

The result is an extremely active market in Picasso works. Every year some 3,000 Picasso works are sold and bought, amounting to about 200 million US dollars in business. At this juncture, Picasso is the best seller of the art market.

Pablo Picasso, Girl in Chemise 1905

Girl in Chemise, 1905

It is because Picasso was so prolific in his career, that many of his paintings and sculptures are privately owned, and why so many are discovered and authenticated each year. Prints, collages, sketches and sculptures of his are all worth incredible value, and many are discovered in basements, attics and home collections each year.

Pablo Picasso, The Card Player, 1913-1914

The Card Player, 1913-1914

Picasso also lived a very long life (he died at age 92!) and continued to create art until his death. In fact, his late period is his most prolific, and he produced more work at that time than any other. Unlike many other well-known and sought after artists, Picasso died well into the 20th century. Therefore a great possibility exists for a much younger market of art collectors to privately own his pieces.

Pablo Picasso painting, Girl on a Pillow, 1936

Girl on a Pillow, 1936

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