Carl Gustaf Pilo (1711-1793)

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Pilo painting, Portrait of a Lady

Portrait of a Lady

Carl Gustaf Pilo was an 18th century Swedish painter. Pilo mainly worked in Denmark, and served as the painter to the Danish court. Pilo was also a director and professor at the Royal Danish Academy of Art.

Pilo painting, Coronation of Gustaf III

Coronation of Gustaf III

Pilo carefully studied the works of Rembrandt and throughout his career, met with the changing tastes of society. His work transitioned from Rococo to Neoclassical, mainly painting portraits as well as historical scenes.

Pilo painting, King Frederik V of Denmark

King Frederik V of Denmark

Pilo painting, Luise, Queen of Denmark

Luise, Queen of Denmark

After 30 years of service with the Danish court, Pilo was asked to return to Sweden. Upon his return to his home country, Pilo was named the director of the Swedish Academy. He painted actively in his home country until his death in 1793.

Pilo painting, Portrait of the Artists Wife

Portrait of the Artists Wife

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