Edward Willis Redfield (1869-1965)

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Redfield, Bridge at Charenton

Bridge at Charenton

Edward Willis Redfield was an American Impressionist painter, born in Bridgeville Delaware. Redfield is known for painting the landscape in New Hope, Pennsylvania, where he belonged to an artist colony. Redfield was interested in art from early age and relocated to Philadelphia in 1887 to study at the Pennsylvania Academy of Fine Arts.

Redfield, Bucks County Landscape

Bucks County Landscape

In Philadelphia, Redfield became acquainted with leading artists who greatly impacted his career. One such friend was Robert Henri, who later spearheaded the formation of the Aschcan School of painters. Redfield did not follow the Ashcan school’s migration to New York, but decided to continue his studies in Paris. Redfield enrolled at the Académie Julian and the Ecole des Beaux-Arts. In France, Redfield identified with the Impressionist work of Monet and Pissarro. Redfield would continue to paint impressionist landscapes for the duration of his career.

Redfield, Point Pleasant Hill

Point Pleasant Hill

Redfield returned to the United States with his French wife, settling in New Hope, Pennsylvania. Along with fellow artist, William Langson Lathrop, Redfield turned the rural town of New Hope into a thriving art colony.

Redfield, Easter Morning

Easter Morning

In the tradition of impressionist plein-air painters, Redfield painted outside rather than in a studio. Redfield painted year-round, weathering the snowy winters of Pennsylvania. Redfield completed his paintings rather quickly and often in the course of one day. He notoriously painted with a thick and direct application of paint.

Redfield, The Bowdoin, Monhegan

The Bowdoin, Monhegan

Redfield was successful in exhibiting his work in Pennsylvania and across the nation. In 1915 Redfield exhibited numerous paintings in the Panama-Pacific International Exhibition in San Francisco.

Redfield, Winter Road

Winter Road

While Redfield’s reputation became known in the United States from coast to coast, Redfield grew dissatisfied with his own work and stopped painting around 1947. Redfield’s self-criticism did not deter collectors from buying his work.

Redfield, The Frozen Creek

The Frozen Creek

Redfield, Road to the River

Road to the River

Redfield, The Burning of Center Bridge

The Burning of Center Bridge

Redfield, Bucks County Winter

Bucks County Winter

Redfield, Brooklyn Bridge at Night, 1909

Brooklyn Bridge at Night, 1909

Redfield, Lower New York, 1910

Lower New York, 1910

Redfield, Bouthbay Harbor

Bouthbay Harbor

Redfield, The Studio Garden

The Studio Garden

Redfield, In the Forest of Fontainebleau

In the Forest of Fontainebleau

Redfield’s paintings are now in museums such as the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York City and the Smithsonian American Art Museum in Washington, DC. Redfield has made a lasting mark on American Impressionism. Do you think you own a painting by Edward Willis Redfield? Contact us. We are the Edward Willis Redfield experts.