Pietro Scoppetta (1863-1920)

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View of Port Amalfi

Pietro Scoppetta was a late 19th century Italian artist. Scoppetta spent many years in Paris, and therefore his style is heavily influenced by many French styles, particularly Impressionism.


Via di Parigi


Veduta di Parigi


La Parigina

As a result of spending so much time in France, his oeuvre is dominated by French scenes and portraits of French ladies. These scenes were typical depictions of the “Belle Epoque,” however; he was one of the few Italian painters to be creating this kind of fashionable scene in Paris at the time.


Elegant Figures in 18th Century Costume on a Wooded Path




Portrait of a Woman

However, Scoppetta did not limit himself to painting just whimsical scenes of beautiful urban ladies of fashion, and created Impressionist style country scenes as well.


Women in the Country 1908

Today, Scoppetta’s work is housed in public and private collections worldwide and perhaps in your own home. Still wondering about an Italian Impressionist or French Belle Epoque scene in your family’s estate? Contact us…it could be by Pietro Scoppetta.