Zinaida Evgenievna Serebriakova (Зинаида Евгеньевна Серебрякова) (1884-1967)

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Self-Portrait 1909


Portrait of Vera Fokine

Zinaida Evgenievna Serebriakova was a Modernist Russian painter, and was one of the best known and most highly regarded of her time. She was the daughter of the sculptor Evgenii Lanceray and was said to have been raised in an environment that helped to foster a love of the arts. The Lanceray family was said to be one of the most cultured lineages in all of Czarist Russia.


Portrait of the Artist’s Daughter


Portrait of a Woman 1931

Serebriakova’s first major influence in art came from a visit to the canals of Venice, Italy. During this time, Venice was one of the major art centers of the world, and Serebriakova found herself inspired by this beautiful city. Soon thereafter in 1901 she was attending classes at the School of the Princess Maria Tenisheva, and then studied in Paris at the Academie de la Grande Chaumiere. While in Paris, Serebriakova studied under Ossip Braz, who influenced her style tremendously.


Still Life 1934

Serebriakova enjoyed a relatively successful career as a precocious young and talented artist, until her family fortunes were ravaged due to the Revolution. Her husband died in 1921, leaving her to struggle in order to make a living, and as a result, had to move out of the country. Thus, Serebriakova began to travel widely, including ventures into North Africa, while keeping Paris her base home.


Camels, pastel 1928

From the years 1910 until 1932, Serebriakova took place in a world wide tour of her work. As a member of the World of Art, she visited a number of locations while exhibiting her work, including Toronto and Los Angeles in 1925, Moscow in 1927, Brussels and Paris in 1928, and also in Japan.


Sleeping Nude 1931

Serebriakova finally earned her French citizenship in 1947 and before her death, was reunited with her older children in the 1960’s. This return to the then USSR fostered a new found appreciation for her work in her home country, and Serebriakova became popular in Russia once again.


Nude 1932

In general, Serebriakova became known for her stunning nudes. These were executed with a style that art historians say differentiated from that of most other Russian artists of her time. Her style is most closely related to that of Expressionism, and art critics have noted a great deal of dynamism, emotion and even eroticism in her brush strokes that collectors are hard pressed to find among the work of her peers. It is said that her art is driven by the pursuit of female beauty, and that she demonstrated a strong sense of color, particularly in blue and red.


Pastel 1922

Today, Serebriakova’s work is more highly coveted by collectors than ever, fetching prices upwards of $1 million at auction. Her works are housed in modern art collections all over the world, and perhaps in your own home. Still wondering about a Russian nude painting in your family estate? Contact us…it could be by Zinaida Evgenievna Serebriakova.