Sir Stanley Spencer (1891 – 1951)

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Spencer, Self-Portrait with Patricia Preece

Self-Portrait with Patricia Preece
1937 Oil on Canvas

Spencer, Nursery

1936 Oil on canvas 30 1/8 x 36 1/8″ (76.5 x 91.8 cm)
Museum of Modern Art, NY

Sir Stanley Spencer was an English painter, who mostly concentrated on biblical scenes. Spencer was born and spent much of his like in Cookham, a small village near the Thames in Berkshire. Spencer saw Cookham as heavenly, and was often used as the backdrop for his religious paintings.

Spencer, Marriage at Cana

Marriage at Cana
1953 Lithograph 20 11/16 x 17 1/4″ (52.6 x 43.8 cm)
Museum of Modern Art, NY

Spencer, The Dustbin, Cookham

The Dustbin, Cookham
1956 Oil on canvas 768 X 513 mm
Royal Academy of Arts, London

Spencer began his studies in 1908 at the Slade School of Art at the University College in London. Spencer painted alongside such artists as Mark Gertler, Paul Nash and Edward Wadsworth. Henry Tonks was one of Spencer’s more influential and well-known tutors. While in London, Spencer returned to Cookham so often that many of his peers nicknamed him “Cookham”.

Spencer, Cookham Lock

Cookham Lock
Oil on Canvas 50.9 x 61.2 cm
Art Gallery of New South Wales

Spencer, Wheatfields at Starlings

Wheatfields at Starlings
Oil on Canvas 50.7 x 76.2 cm
Art Gallery of New South Wales

In 1915 Spencer hesitantly joined the Royal Army Medical Corps where he was first stationed at a hospital in England, and later in Macedonia with an ambulance unit. Spencer was eventually called upon by the War Artists Advisory Committee to depict events that took place in Macedonia. This first war painting led to further commissions, including a series of murals for the Sandham Memorial Chapel in Burghclere, dedicated to fallen soldiers. Spencer continued to work as a war artist until the end of the Second World War, ultimately painting shipbuilders in Glasgow. After the war Spencer began focusing on religious and apocalyptic paintings.

Spencer, The Scrapheap

The Scrapheap
Oil on Canvas 50.7 x 76.1 cm
Art Gallery of New South Wales

Spencer was married to a Hilda Carline from 1925 to 1937. The couple met at Slade in London and had two children named Shirin and Unity. After divorcing, Spencer immediately remarried Patricia Preece. While married, Preece lived with her lesbian partner and refused to consummate the union. While their marriage was not sexual, Preece often posed nude for Spencer’s paintings. Spencer continued to visit his ex-wife Hilda who suffered from cancer and mental illness. In 1996 the playwright, Pat Gems wrote an award winning play titled “Stanley” about Spencer’s unusual relationships. The play eventually made it to Broadway and won a Tony award.

Spencer, Christ in Cookham (Last Judgment series)

Christ in Cookham (Last Judgment series)
1951-2 Oil on Canvas 127 x 205.7 cm
Art Gallery of New South Wales

Spencer, The Silence of Gold

Village Gossips
1940 Oil on Canvas 87 x 111.7 cm
Cheltenham Art Gallery & Museum

In 1959 Spencer was knighted for his excellence in painting, becoming Sir Stanley Spencer. After his death, the Stanley Spencer Gallery was opened in Cookham to honor his life and work. The gallery contains a number of Spencer’s paintings as well as many of his personal belongings.

Spencer, Parents Resurrecting

Parents Resurrecting
1933 Oil on Canvas 71.3 x 104.3 cm
National Gallery Victory

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