Jean-Baptiste Joseph Wicar (1762-1834)

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Virgil Reading the “Aeneid” to Augustus, Octavia, and Livia, 1790/93

Jean-Baptiste Joseph Wicar was an 18th century French Neoclassical painter. He studied with Jacques Louis David after the French Revolution in Rome from 1783-1785. Wicar mainly painted genre scenes of historical or religious subjects.


Emma, Lady Hamilton


Study of Drapery, 1818, Black, chalk drawing,21.6 x 16.7 cm, Metropolitan Museum of Art


Gaetano Rossi Napoletano, n.d., Conte crayon, 25 x 19.8 cm, Metropolitan Museum of Art


Electra Receiving the Ashes of Her Brother, Orestes, 1826-27, Oil on Canvas, Worcester Art Museum


Portrait of Julie Bonaparte with Daughters Zenaide and Charlotte, c. 1808, Oil on Canvas, 201 x 148.5 cm, Musee National du Chateau de Fontainebleau


Julia Bonaparte, 1809, Oil on Canvas, 235 x 177 cm, National Museum of Capodimonte


Portrait of Joseph Bonaparte, King of Naples, 1808, Oil on Canvas, 240 x 152 cm, Musee National du Chateau de Fontainebleau


Virgile reading l’Eneide in front of Auguste and Livie, End of 18th century, Oil on Canvas, Palace of Beaux-Arts of Lille


Portrait of Francesco Massimiliano Laboureur, 19th century, Oil on canvas

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