The value of art is so high that everyone wants to be certain it is authentic. For sellers a solid authentication is what makes it possible to sell it for its absolute highest price.

For buyers, the authentication is the guarantee that what they are buying is really worth what they are paying for it, and that it will hold its value.

For intermediaries like auctioneers and art galleries, a solid authentication is what will protect them from costly and embarrassing lawsuits.

For these reasons it has become absolutely necessary to show that without a doubt, the art is authentic.

Opinions are no longer sufficient. This was in the past, and enormous mistakes were made. Today the market wants proof, evidence, certainty.

There is more than one way of showing that a painting, a sculpture or a drawing is authentic. Some of the most frequently used methods are:

  • Research in archives
  • Biographical research
  • Documentary research
  • Historical art research
  • Dating of the materials
  • Identifying the paint pigments and when they were used
  • X-rays
  • Hyper resolution photography
  • Provenance research
  • Analysis and comparison of the composition
  • Analysis and comparison of the style
  • Analysis and comparison of the technique used
  • Analysis and comparison of unique characteristics of the artist
  • Documentary research
  • Signature and handwriting examination
  • And another 15 methods

We have been authenticating for 19 years and have never made a mistake.

We would be happy to authenticate YOUR artwork.

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